This game application is unstable.


If the app is unstable, like slow in operation or slow in loading, it may be caused by several reasons as follows:

・ The unstable internet connection makes the device hardly catching the signal.
・ The device is overloaded due to prolonged use.
・ Cache (a function that provides quick access to pages that has been recently accessed) has built up and is slowing down the operation.
・Opening multiple apps causes the heavy loading.

If the problem persists, please try the following to fix it.

▼ Troubleshooting
・ Find a better internet service environment with better signal 
・ Restart the app 
・Turn off the device for 5 minutes, and then turn it on
・Delete the cache 
・Close other apps
 *Please refer to the user's manual of your device for details of the above troubleshooting.

There is also a possibility that the problem may be caused by the game service itself.
Please check the announcements from game service provider or contact the help desk to confirm the situation.

If you have been playing the game without setting the data transfer, deleting the cache will reset your previous game data.

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