I forgot my BANDAI NAMCO ID and password that was linked to my game data. Is there any way to find it?
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There is no way to check your Bandai Namco ID (e-mail address) or password within the game app.
For the registration status of your Bandai Namco ID, please contact the help desk via the Bandai Namco ID Inquiry Form below.

■ Bandai Namco ID Inquiry Form

When the message 『The account you entered does not exist』 is displayed, which means your game account 「Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage」 did not link to the  Bandai Namco ID.

The reason may be either ① or ⓶ below.
① The game account is not linked to the  Bandai Namco ID.
⓶ You logged in with a different  Bandai Namco ID rather than the  Bandai Namco ID linked to this game app.

If ⓶ is the case, please check the login method, as well as the email address and Bandai Namco ID, and then try to log in with correct ID.

The following is the Q&A about 「Bandai Namco ID」.
If you have any problems with your Bandai Namco ID, please refer to the following pages.


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