I am unable to disassemble my Equipment.
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Please note that you will be unable to disassemble Equipment that have been equipped in your "regular Troops", "Loup Loupe Troops", and "Valor Cup Defense Troops".
*"Loup Loupe Troops", and "Valor Cup Defense Troops" utilize their own Troop formations, separate from Troops used in regular battles. Due to this, the Equipment equipped in the aforementioned Troop formations are treated separately from regular Troop formations.
Please attempt the following steps to unequip your Equipment from the respective Troop formations:

▼Unequipping Equipment from regular Troop formations:
 [Companions] > (Tap the Character) > [Equip]

▼Unequipping Equipment from Loup Loupe Troop formations:
 [Loup Loupe] > [Active Effects/Troop Status] (on bottom right of screen) > [Troop Status] > (Tap the Character) > [Equip]

▼Unequipping Equipment from Valor Cup Defense Troop formations:
 [Valor Cup] > [Defense Settings] > [Change] > (Tap the Character) > [Equip]

*If you have not completed the Valor Cup Tutorial, please try checking your Troop's Equipment after completing the Tutorial.
*Please attempt the steps above as well for the Characters you are using in Valor Cup, even if they are not in your Defense Troop.

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