How do I train my characters?
How to Play & Controls


You can strengthen your characters using: Team > Training

*Characters, items, and Zeni used as enhancement materials will be consumed.

Also, training locations other than Wasteland will be consumed.


[Training Opponents]


You can power up your characters by consuming other characters as training material. 

*If the consumed character has the same name or is the same type as the base character, more EXP will be obtained. 

*Types that have been Z-Awakened will be treated as the same type as those that have not (Ex: STR Types will provide bonuses for Super STR Types) 


[Training Items] (Optional)

You have the option to use these items. More EXP will be obtained by using them.   


[Training Locations]


The amount of EXP you can gain through training will also increase depending on the location you use. Each location has a set number of times that it can be used.

*Only “Wasteland” can be used as many times as you like.

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