I have received an "active_record/record_not_unique" error and can't play the app.

After a player finishes a quest, the player's device will send a request to our server. Then, the server will reply to the player's device.
When the player's device fails to receive a reply from the server, a "communication error" occurs on the player's device.
When a "communication error" occurs, we suggest players to press "Retry" so that the request can be sent from the device to the server again and the server will send back a reply to finish a "finished quest".
However, if the player's device fails to receive the request several times, "active_record/record_not_unique" pops up.
If you experience the issue using a Wi-Fi connection, please restart your device and turn off the router for a minute and turn on again.
Also, please play in locations where good Internet connections are available. 
Furthermore, if the error persists, we suggest the player try “Retry” several times.


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