What is Awake and Z Awake.
How to Play & Controls

Dokkan Awakening is a way for players to further strengthen characters that they have Z-Awakened. In order to perform Dokkan Awakening, the following conditions must be met.
*Dokkan Awakenings will consume Awakening Medals and Zeni.
- Dokkan Awakening:
1. Raise the level of a Z-Awakened character to its maximum level.
2. Collect exclusive Awakening medals and Zeni.
*You can check these on the “Team” > “Awakening” screen.
- Characters that have been Dokkan Awakened will theretofore be treated as different characters.
- Characters that have been Dokkan Awakened will be reverted to Level 1.
*Super Attack Levels will be maintained.
- Characters that have been Dokkan Awakened cannot be reverted to their pre-Dokkan Awakened state.
*This excludes characters who can be Reversed (For more information on Reverses, please see here.)
- There exist some characters that cannot be Dokkan Awakened.
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