For Players who have troubles of updating the app

The issue may be fixed with the following procedures;
- Reboot your device
Please confirm that whether rebooting your device fix the issue.
- Stop multi-tasking
Please close all running apps before you update the app.
- Free up your memory
The update may not be correctly conducted if you don't have enough memory in your device. In that case, please free up the memory by deleting unnecessary app or data files.
- Download with Wi-Fi
Please use Wi-Fi connection when you update the app 
- Reinstall
If none of these procedure described above help you with the issue, re-installing the app may fix it.
However, please be informed that once you uninstall the app, the data will be lost.
You can restore your data by using "Transfer Code". Please note that you need "User ID" and "Transfer Code" to conduct a data transfer.
※We don't take any responsibilities of loss caused by procedures described in this note.
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