[IMPORTANT]Password setting
Data Transfer


【Operation Procedure】
1.Go to the In-app page of [Change Device with ID] through  [Others] to  [Change Device]
2. Go to the page of [Issue Password] and push [Issue] to issue your data transfer  passwor.
3. Your [User ID] and [Password] will be shown, so please take notes of them by one of the procedures below;
- Take a screenshot
- Push the button [Copy] to copy your identifications, and paste & save them on the Note in the app
- Push the button [Send mail] to send mail to yourself.
* If you have forgotten to note your identifications, please follow the 2nd procedure to issue new password. (Expiration date for the password is for 90days, the date will be updated every time you issue a new password)
* If you reissue your password, the new one will be valid and the old one will be invalid.

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