[Important] How do I set my password?
Data Transfer


Using the following procedure will allow you to set your password:


1.Go to the in-app page titled [Change Device with ID] from [Other] > [Change Device] 

2. Go to the page titled [Issue Password] and push [Issue] to issue your data transfer password. 

3. Your [User ID] and [Password] will be displayed.

*Please be aware that if you have linked your game data to an SNS (social media) account, you will not be able to issue yourself a password.

Please take note of your User ID and password using one of the procedures below: 

- Take a screenshot 

- Push the button labeled [Copy] to copy your information, then paste them to the Note feature within the app.  

- Push the button [Send mail] to send mail to your own e-mail address


- If you have forgotten to make not of your account information, please follow the above procedure from Step 2 to issue yourself a new password.

(Passwords expire after 90 days. The expiration period is renewed every time a new password is issued).

- If you reissue yourself a password, only the latest password will be valid, and any older passwords will be invalidated.

- If you link your game data to an SNS (social media) account, and issued User IDs and passwords will be deleted.

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