[Important] How do I migrate my data?
Data Transfer


Using the following procedure will allow you to migrate your data:


1. Please install the app on your new device.

2. On the upper right side of the title screen, tap [Support/Configure], then tap [Change Device]

3. For players who have linked their data to an SNS (social media) account, tap [Change Device with SNS]

Select [Transfer Data with SNS], the select either [Transfer data with Twitter] or [Transfer data with Facebook] depending on which social media account you linked your data to and read the warning carefully. Tap [Yes] to be transferred to the social media login screen, and then transfer your data.

4. For players who have been issued an ID and password to transfer data, tap [Change Device with ID]. Please read the warning on the next screen carefully. Enter your User ID and password, and hit the [Send] button to transfer your data.

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