How do I make an inquiry?

If you have an issue that cannot be resolved using the FAQ or information on the official website, use the method below to contact us with the details of your issue:
1. Open the app and tap "Menu"
2. Tap "Support" (This takes you to the FAQ website)
3. Go to the bottom of the page and tap "Support Form"
4. Input the information required for your inquiry
(Please include the date/time that the issue occurred, the operations that caused it, on-screen dialogs that appear, and any other relevant information.)
We also welcome your opinions on the app.
On step 3, tap "Comments and Requests" to leave your opinions.
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If you can not find possible solutions from FAQ, please send your inquiry from below.

Support Form
Comments and Requests

Please send your Comments and Requests from below, which will be forwarded to the responsible departments.
We cannot respond to inquires received from「 Comments and Requests」form , however we will forward them to responsible departments.

Comments and Requests
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