What is Boost Mode?
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Boost Mode is a monthly subscription that gives you the following boosts:

 -Boost Content
   Boost 1: Get 4x EXP when hunting monsters.
   Boost 2: Get 2x Weapon Proficiency when hunting monsters.
   Boost 3: 2x item drop rate when hunting monsters.

 *If you use items with the same effect at the same time with the Boost Mode, the effects will be calculated as follows:
   Example: [In the case where the default state of earning EXP is set as 30]
        1) Boost Mode will 4 times earning the EXP (+90);
        2) An additional item is used to double earning EXP on top of it (+30);
        Then, 30 (default state) + 90 (from above #1) + 30 (from above #2) = 150, which makes the earning of EXP increased by 5 times.

  ・Boost Mode is valid for a month starting from the purchased date and will be automatically renewed each month.
  ・If cancelled during the validity period, you will continue receiving effect of the boosts until you log out after the expiration date.
  ・You cannot make duplicate purchases during the validity period.
  ・Please be aware that deleting the app does not cancel this subscription.
  ・Boost Mode will be applied to your character at the time of purchase.
     If you delete the app before canceling your subscription or want to transfer Boost Mode to a newly created character during the validity period, you can follow the steps below.
       1. While logged into the Google account that you used to complete the purchase, cancel the Boost Mode subscription in the Google Play Store.
       2. Open the app, navigate to the Shop, and tap the Boost Mode purchase button. This will transfer Boost Mode to your new character.
       *This method will only reactivate Boost Mode during the validity period, so you will not be charged twice.
  ・If you’d like to cancel Boost Mode, please follow the instructions HERE.

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