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SWORD ART ONLINE: Integral Factor

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SWORD ART ONLINE: Integral Factor
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SWORD ART ONLINE: Integral Factor
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SWORD ART ONLINE: Integral Factor

About support requests

Sorry to trouble you, but if you inquire us, please be sure to confirm the following contents "About responses", and inquire us after agreement.

About responses

  • Please kindly understand that our response may be delayed depending on its content and situation.
    ※ We may not reply to every inquiries due to the management reasons
    ※ Our reply will be delayed during the weekends, holidays, our leaving periods and especially when we need a specific investigation
    ※ Please understand that after our days off, we may be extremely busy, so that our reply will require more time
  • We don't answer to questions about game tips, walk-through methods, and game specification.
  • We do NOT permit the second use or any purpose use of our reply
  • If you have spam filter setting, please add the following domain as an exception to the filter: [net.bandai.co.jp]
  • If your e-mail address contains symbols such as [..] or [+] and so on, we may not receive your inquiry correctly. Please try to use another e-mail address with that case.
  • Please be informed that we only use your personal information with following reasons;
    1) Reply to your inquiry
    2) Analytic works of our service and products
    3) To improve our service, development and planning
    ※Please confirm our Privacy Policy from the link displayed on the bottom of this pages
  • There is a possibility that we may share the email address which is used for sending inquiries to our group companies.This is in order for us to process your request.
  • Please refrain from entering your personal information to the inquiry form such as your name, address and telephone number, etc.
If you are able to agree with the above terms, please send an inquiry from the following "Support Form".
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