The app closed forcibly after I had performed a summon before I was able to receive the character from the summon with only Dragon Stones being consumed. What should I do?
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There do not exist instances where a player would only have Dragon Stones consumed without gaining a new character from a summon. 

Please check the character you receive via either of the following methods.

- “Menu” > “History” > “Summon History” 

- “Team” > “Character List”, then select “Acquired” for the display order option in the lower right of the screen.


If you are unable to confirm which character you received using either of the aforementioned methods, please contact our team, being sure to include the following information. 


1. Username 

2. User ID 

3. Date and time that the issue occurred (date and time of the summon in question) 

4. Before opening the summon page, what kind of page did you have open in the game (e.g., character list page, a quest page, a collection page, the shop page, etc.)?  

5. How long had you been playing the app before the problem occurred? 

6. Please provide any other details you feel may be warranted.

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