【IF】The game crashed in the middle of an Order. I want to check the result of the Order.
How to Play & Controls


Please rest assured that Arcana Gems will not be consumed without gaining a new character from the Order.

Please check your received items using the following steps.
■ 「Menu」 > 「Present Box」

If you are unable to confirm it with the above steps, please contact our support team and make sure to include the following information.

[1] Username 
[2] User ID 
[3] Date and time of occurrence (date and time of the Order) 
[4] Before opening the Order page, what page did you visit (e.g., character list page, quest page, collection page, shop page, etc.)?  
[5] How long have you been playing before the problem occurred? 
[6] Any other details that comes to mind

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