[Important] What do I need to be aware of regarding data migration?
Data Transfer

Please see the following for information on Data Migration: 
1. DO NOT tell your password to the third party. We do not take any responsibility for losses incurred from such instances.
2. Please take notes of your password and ID. 
*We do not provide support for individual cases of ID/password loss. 
3. We do not support individual cases wherein a password could not be issued due to device trouble. 
4. Passwords can be used for up to 90 days after issuing. This expiration period is renewed each time a new password is issued. Each time a new password is issued, only the latest password will remain valid, with any old passwords becoming invalidated.
5. Even if your password is still within its expiration period, if you link your game data to an SNS account, this will invalidate any password you may currently have.  
6. We recommend that you only retain one account per device you play this app with. If you play on a single account over multiple devices, this can lead to data being corrupted which may not be able to be restored, and thus we ask you refrain from said practice. 
■About Data That Cannot be Transferred 
1. Please be aware that if you transfer your data between different OS (iOS / Android), all of the Rainbow Gems you had in your possession will not be carried over to the new OS.  
2. Please note that "Favorite" marks on your characters; Favorite Friends in your "Friend List", and Mail and Friend Requests in "View Mail/Friend Apprv" will be deleted by transferring data. 
3. If you migrate your data while in the middle of a battle, you will not be able to resume that battle after migration is complete.


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