[Important] Notes regarding data migration
Data Transfer

[1] DO NOT tell your password to the third party. We do not take any responsibity for the loss may occur by this case
[2] Please take notes of your password and ID. *We will not correspond individually for the loss of your password 
[3] We also do not issue your password individually, for the cases of your device trouble 
*Conduct the procedure in advance, and make sure you keep your ID and password by yourself.
[1] With data migration between one the different OS [iOS and android], you are not able to migrate the data of Rainbow Gem
[2] Function data on the [Favorite Characters], [Favorite Friends] and [Approval on Friends and Mail] can't migrated
[3] If you have conducted data migration in the middle of the Battle, that Battle data will be deleted.
*These data can't be restored after the data migration


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