If I delete the app, will it also delete my data?
Data Transfer


See below for instructions on transferring data.

・Do not share your password with a third party or make it publicly known.
 *We cannot be held responsible for any damages suffered if you decide to share your password.
・After your password is issued, keep record of it along with your ID.
*Please note that we may not be able to provide assistance if you lose your password or cannot issue one because your device has been lost or damaged.
・Your password is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Each time you issue a new password, the valid password and deadline are reset.
 When you issue a new password, only the latest password will be valid from the point of issue until the new deadline. All older passwords will be disabled.
・If you use "Back-Up Data with SNS", your password will be disabled, even if the deadline has not passed.
・We recommend each player use only one account on this app. Attempting to use multiple accounts on the same device may lead to data damage, making it impossible to recover your data.

■Data that does not transfer
*Please note that the following data cannot be recovered following a data transfer.
・When transferring to a different OS (ex.: between iOS and Android), none of the Rainbow Gems in your possession will be transferred.
・Favorite character, favorite friend, and friend approval/mail data will not be transferred.
・If you transfer data with a battle in progress, that battle will not be recovered following a data transfer.

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