What should I do when the internet cannot connected and instantly get disconnected?


If you are experiencing the internet connection problems, the following may help you solve the issue.

Please check the settings of your device as below.

Please adjust the display resolution, and energy saving setting from MENU>Other>Options of the Game app.

■ Please try from Game main page> Support > Re-Synchronize the data.

■ Please reboot your device once. ※Please turn off your device and restart it to clear space.

■ Please cool off your device before re-starting the game. To stop your device from overheating.

Please make sure your device have enough storage.

※ Please make sure the (RAM) and (ROM) capacity while running the app.

Please check the following on your communication device side.

Internet carrier Wi-Fi connection, try switching the connection.  

If you switch the connection while playing, an error may occur. So please stop the app before switching the network and then restart the app after network is connected.

[If the problem caused by carrier side]: Please try on improving the communication volume limit, removing the speed limit, or confirm the current internet service conditions.

■ If the problem occurs during Wi-Fi connection, please try to reboot the router, and check the connection status of the internet connection.

※ For the speed limits or network congestion problems, please contact your internet carrier for help.

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