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  • How To Play
    • The app closed forcibly while I played Summon. My Dragon Stones were consumed and I didn't get my Characters either. What can I do?
      Please check the following procedures;

      ■ [TEAM] > [Character List] > [Acquired] > Select "Acquired" in the pop-up
      ※The Character on the left-top of the list is the latest Character which you have acquired

      If you think that you have not acquired your character after performing the above procedure; please feel free to contact us with following information;

      [1] User ID(9 or 10 digits of numbers shown on the Title page of the game)
      [2] User Name
      [3] The time and date when the issue has occurred (Summoning time)
      [4] If you have noticed anything about this matter 
      [5] Number of Dragon Stones consumed
      [6] Name of Summon/Event banner used
      ※Please inform us with those details even if you have already contacted us beforehand, this is for us to properly assist you.

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    • When is the claiming period of Login Bonus?
      The claiming periods for the following login bonuses are depend on the last number of the user ID.
      Type of Login Bonus:
      - Daily Login Bonus
      - Consecutive Login Bonus
      - Special Login Bonus
      - Returning Login Bonus
      Claiming periods during Standard Time:
      User ID that ends with a 0: 16:00:00 ~ 15:59:59 next day PST
      User ID that ends with a 1: 16:10:00 ~ 16:09:59 next day PST
      User ID that ends with a 2: 16:20:00 ~ 16:19:59 next day PST
      User ID that ends with a 3: 16:30:00 ~ 16:29:59 next day PST
      User ID that ends with a 4: 16:40:00 ~ 16:39:59 next day PST
      User ID that ends with a 5: 16:50:00 ~ 16:49:59 next day PST
      User ID that ends with a 6: 17:00:00 ~ 16:59:59 next day PST
      User ID that ends with a 7: 17:10:00 ~ 17:09:59 next day PST
      User ID that ends with a 8: 17:20:00 ~ 17:19:59 next day PST
      User ID that ends with a 9: 17:30:00 ~ 17:29:59 next day PST 

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    • What is Awaken?
      There are 2 patterns [Awaken] and [Z Awaken] for the Awaken. In-game transition is TEAM > Awaken
      You can raise character's parameters by using this function. You need the required items to conduct Awaken.
      [Z Awaken]
      The last Awaken you conduct will automatically be the Z Awaken. The parameters and level limitation will be raised. You need the required items to conduct Z Awaken.

      [Dokkan Awakening]
      After Dokkan Awakening, the character changes into a different character, so that character's level will be reset to 1. (The character's Super Attack level will be carried over.)
      *more details are available in the app's in-game help. 

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    • How do I train my characters?
      [Training Opponent](Required)
      You can power up your characters by consuming other characters.
      ※If the consuming characters has the same name or feature to the base character, more experience value will be obtained.
      [Training item]
      You can arbitrarily choose them to use. More experience value will be obtained.
      [Training Place]
      Gainable experience value will depend on the place you use.

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    • I have a rooting device but not cheating. And the app is not operating correctly as well as the in-app purchase.
      We don't guarantee the correct operation as well as the in-app purchase of the app, if you have a device with administrative permission(rooting/jailbreak).
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    • Why didn't "Ghost Usher" work?
      We apologize for causing misunderstanding regarding  how to use "Ghost Usher".

      When you use "Ghost Usher" for the first time, the enemies will get an "effect icon", and the enemies will be delayed.
      But if you want to delay the enemies for the second time in a row, you have to wait until "Ghost Usher" you used before will lose its effect (it lose its effect when you get hit by the enemies).
      Then you will notice that the enemies lost the "effect icon", and you can use "Ghost Usher" again to delay the enemies.
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    • What is "Skill"?
      + Leader Skill
      Leader Skill is active for all the time even if your character is not participating for attck turn.
      + Passive Skill
      Passive Skill will be active with a specific condition.
      + Link Skill
      Link Skill will be active with a specific condition when you swich the attack order and characters with same skill are placed next to each other.

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    • How can I change the language settings of the game?
      [Menu] > [Language Setting] > Choose the language you prefer

      *Please take note that the app is only available in English, French, Chinese and Korean.
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    • What is DOKKAN Mode?
      When DOKKAN gauge placed under the HP Bar reaches the full amount, and if you perform the Super Attack, DOKKAN Mode begins. All Superl Attack will hit during this mode.
      DOKKAN gauge will accumulate by consuming "Ki" spheres.
      ※DOKKAN gauge will be reset by swiching the Stages.

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    • What will happen if I restart the app during the QUEST?
      If you restart you’re the app in the middle of the QUEST, game will restart from the point you interrupted.
      ※If you dismiss the middle playing data, all items and characters which you obtained through the QUEST will be deleted.

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    • How do I give up the QUEST?
      You can quit the quest in the middle by selecting [Give up] from the MENU displayed on the top right of the screen.
      ※[Give up] is to quit the quest itself, not the Battle only.
      ※[Give up] makes all the items to be deleted besides the experience value.

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    • What is Super Attack Level?
      You can raise up the Super Attack Level by selecting same characters for the training partner.
      More effective attack for higher level.
      ※Level limitation depends on the each characters.

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    • How does the attack order determined?
      The Attack order is shown on the lower part of the Battle screen. Your character will attack in order from the left.
      You can switch the order of the attack before you select the "Ki" sphere.
      In addition, the opponent will come against to the character who have lastly attacked him when opponent's icon is shown.
      ※ If the opponent is a pre-empt, he will attack your character for the first attack.
      Advice: Devise the position of your characters to make the battle advantageously like by placing high DEF character against the opponent.

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    • Please tell me about the Team organization.
      You need to team up your party among the party costs. Eact characters have a different costs.
      ※The Team Cost will be exaggerated according to the player's level.
      ※You can organize 6 teams at max.
      Same characters can't be put together in one team.
      One team is organized with 6 characters. If there is a free space for the team, "Saibamen" will be put in for that space.

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    • What is "Friend Point"?
      You can perform Summon with Friend Points.
      You can win 100 points when you clear the QUEST with your friend characters and 50 points for the Guest characters.
      Although, you can earn these points only for one time per day and one player.

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    • Can I change my player name?
      You can change your player name with following transition;
      MENU > HELP > Change Name

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    • How can I send a Friend Request to my friend?
      You can search your friends from the following transition;
      HOME > FRIEND > FRIEND Search
      You can also send a FRIEND request to the GUEST player who you took to the QUEST with you.
      ※Please confirm your friends ID with the following transition;
      HOME > FRIEND > Friend Search

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    • How does the "Type" works?
      Each characters have it's type of attack and relation between each types as follows;
      ・STR(Red): Strong for PHY(Orange) / Weak for AGL(Blue)
      ・AGL(Blue): Strong for STR(Red) / Weak for TEQ(Green)
      ・TEQ(Green): Strong for AGL(Blue) / Weak for INT(Purple)
      ・INT(Purple): Strong for TEQ(Green) / Weak for PHY(Orange)
      ・PHY(Orange): Strong for INT(Purple) / Weak for STR(Red)

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    • How does the "Ki" gauge accumulate?
      "Ki" gauge will be accumulated for the amount of consumed "Ki" sphere.
      Double raise for the consumed sphere which has a same color to the character.

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    • How does the rainbow sphere works?
      The rainbow "Ki" sphere is almighty sphere.
      You can use it as the same color sphere common to all colors.

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    • How can I do the Super Attack?
      To perform the Super Attack, you need to raise the gauge up to a certain amount.
      You can confirm the necessary amount for the Super Attack from character's detail screen.

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    • How can I change the target?
      You can change the target during the battle by touching the icon shown on the left top of the screen.
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    • How can I recover STA?
      STA will recovered 1 for 5 minutes each.
      You can recover full STA by using 1 Dragon Stone or full recovery for the level up.

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    • I can't find the DRAGON BALL.
      There are only 7 Dragon Balls. It won't be replaced again until you grant your wishes.
      In addition, you can confirm the stage where Dragon Balls are placed by following transition;
      HOME > Dragon Ball > Long pressing the empty frame

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    • I didn't receive my Gift.
      The item which elapsed more than 90days in the Gift Box will be deleted automatically.
      Only 100items will be shown in the Gift Box.
      ※No possessive amount of limitation

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    • What is the difference among the difficulty levels?
      There are 3 levels of difficulties for the each QUEST [NORMAL], [HARD] and [Z-HARD].
      You can release higher difficilties by clearing lower level of stages.
      Better reward for higher difficulty but you may encounter redoubtable opponents with the high difficulty QUEST.

      ※The route is different depending on the difficulties.
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    • There is no sound in the game.
      Please confirm the following notes for the sound problem;
      ・Please confirm the sound volume setting in the app
      ※Home> Menu> Options
      ・Please confirm your silent or vibrate setting on your device
      ・Please confirm the volume setting of Music, Movie, Game and other media on your device
      ※The sound may be muted with some devices when you cut the sound of ringtone. Please confirm the sound setting of the ringtone if the settings of Music, Movie, Game and other media were correct.

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    • Why don't the Link Skills work?
      In some case, Link Skills has some conditions to work besides which characters are next to one another in a turn.
      Pleae refer to go to "TEAM" > "Character List" > choose a character > "Push" > "Link skill" > "Details".
      Pleae note if the name of the characters are the same, Link Skill doesns't work.

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    • What do you mean by "A rank of 3, 4, or 5 repeated digits" as rewards of the World Tournament?
      We apologize for causing misunderstanding regarding "A rank of 3, 4, or 5  repeated digits" as rewards of World Tournament.
      "A rank of repeated digits" means "a rank with the same repeated numbers", and "the same repeated numbers"  need to be consisted of  the same numbers only.

      For example, If  your rank of the World Tournament is "1112", the rank has 1 and 2, wihch means the rank "1112" is NOT "A rank of repeated digits" .

      Thank you for your understanding.

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  • Compatibility
    • What OS are supported?
      (1st Jun 2017)
      Recommended OS Version:
      Android 4.0.3 or later

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    • Is OnePlus One available with the game?
      Currently, we don't support OnePlus One. We apologize for the inconvenience. 
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  • Data Migration
    • I already delete my Facebook account without deactivating "Facebook Linking Back-up" in the app. Can I still transfer my data?
      When you conduct data migration through "Facebook Linking Back-up", you need to login to  your Facebook account. 
      If you already deleted your Facebook account without deactivating "Facebook Linking Back-up", you will be unable to transfer your data .
      If you deactivated your Facebook account, please conduct "Facebook Linking Back-up" after you reactivated your Facebook account.
      For further information about reactivation of Facebook account, please refer to the following URL, or please contact Facebook.

      Thank you for your understanding.

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    • I linked my data to my Facebook account. How can I transfer my data?
      The steps for "Transfer using Facebook Account" are as follows:
      1. Download Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle onto the new device.
      2. Tap "Transfer Device" on the bottom right of the Title Screen --> Then, log into Facebook from the "Transfer using Facebook Account" screen.
      3. Please make sure your "Username" and "Rank" are correct after transferring data.
      Thank you for your understanding.

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    • How can I link my data to my Facebook account?
      The steps for data transfer through "Facebook Linking" are as follows:
      1. "Menu" --> "Device Transfer / Back Up" --> Log into Facebook from "Facebook Linking Back-up" page.
      2. The game data will be linked to Facebook after Logging into Facebook account.

      * Dragon Stones cannot be transferred between devices of different OS types.
      * The data of a quest in progress cannot be transfered if there is a quest still in progress.
      * When transferring data using your Facebook account, any pre-existing Device Transfer Code will become invalid. 
      * Please only attempt data transfer in a place with a steady network connection. The data may be transfered incompletely if the network connection is not steady.

      Thank you for your understanding.

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    • How can I transfer my game data to another device?
      ■How to link your game data to your Facebook account through "Facebook Linking Back-up" with your current device
      1. MENU > Device Transfer/Back Up >Facebook Linking Back-up> Choose "Log in to  Facebook"
      2. Your game data is linked to your Facebook account.
      ・"Facebook Linking Back-up" is not supported on some OS versions, and on which the function is not displayed.
      ・Your Transfer Code will be invalid after you link your game data to your Facebook account through "Facebook Linking Back-up". 
      ・If you delete your Facebook account, deactivate your Facebook account, or forget your login information of  your Facebook account, you are not able to conducdt data migration.
      How to issue a transfer code with your current device
      1. Issue a transfer code through the following steps:
       MENU > Device Transfer/Back Up > Create Transfer Code > Create
      2. Please take note of your User ID and the code
      3. Install the app to your new device
      4. Input your [User ID] and [Transfer Code] on the "Device Transfer" screen
      5. Since "Transfer Device" on the home screen will not be disappeared, you can transfer your game data even after you started playing the app if you have issueed a Transfer Code. 
      ・You can't carry over your DRAGON Stones between different OSs.
      ・If you tansfer the data while you were in the middle of a QUEST, you will be unable to resume that QUEST.
      ・Transfer Code will be changed everytime you create it.
      ・The Transfer code will be invalid after used.
      ・Your Transfer Code will be invalid after you conduct data migraion through "Facebook Linking Back-up".

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    • How do I deactivate "Facebook Linking Back-up" ?
      If you would like to deactivate ”Facebook Linking Back-up”, please follow the steps below:
      ■MENU > Device Transfer/Back Up > Facebook Linking Back-up > Choose "delink Facebook accout" > OK

      ・You will not be able to transfer your game data through ”Facebook LinkinBack-upfunction after you deactivate it.
      ・You are only able to deactivate the ”Facebook Linking Back-up” function on the app "DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE".
      You will need to create a Transfer Code after you deactivate the ”Facebook Linking Back-up” for data migration.

      For further information about App Privacy Settings of Facebook account, please refer to the following URL, or please contacti Facebook:

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    • I forgot my [Data transfer code]. What can I do now?
      Please re-issue your transfer code with your current device when you have forgotten the transfer code.
      New code will be issued, and the old one will be invalid.
      ※ The code will be changed everytime you re-issue it.

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    • Error pops up when I attempt to use a Transfer Code. Why?
      Your Transfer Code will be invalid and the error pops up after you linked your game data to your Facebook account through "Facebook Linking Back-up" function.
      Please conduct data migaration through "Facebook Linking Back-up" function as follows: 

      [1] "Menu" > "Device Transfer / Back Up" > Log into your Facebook account from "Facebook Linking Back-up" page.
      [2] Your game data will be linked to your Facebook account.
      [3] Please install "Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle" on a new device.
      [4] "Transfer Device" on the Title Screen > Log into your Facebook account from "Transfer using Facebook Account" page to transfer data.

      Thank you for your understanding.

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    • I do not know about my Facebook account information. What do I have to do?
      If you do not know about your Facebook account information, please refer to the following URL, or contact Facebook.

      Thank you for your understanding.


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    • What do I need to know about data migration by "Facebook Linking Back-up""?
      Before you link your game data to your Facebook account on the app by "Facebook Linking Back-up", there are four things that we would like to inform as below::
      ・One game data can be link to one Facebook account; it is not possible to linked to multiple game data to one Facebook account.
      ・After you linked your Facebook account to your game data by "Transfer using Facebook Account", although you are able to create a Transfer Code, you are not able to transfer your game data with Transfer Code.
      ・If you delete your Facebook account, deactivate your Facebook account, or forget your login information of  your Facebook account, you are not able to conducdt data migration.
      ・After you conducted data migration by "Facebook Linking Back-up", a Transfer Code that you created will be invalid.

      Thank you for your understanding.


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  • Others/Notes
    • I have received "communication error" / No_method_error" message and can't play the app.
      "Communication error" or "No_method_error" message may show up when the downloaded datasets were incomplete.
      To prevent this message, we suggest players re-download the app to see if the issue will be fixed.

      Regarding the 
      incomplete datasets, we found that the incomplete downloading issue can be related to players' internet connection, or players' device itself.
      Thus, we would like players to go through the following procedure:

      ・Confirm if your device has 1 GB RAM and 1GB Internal Memory (ROM) for the app, excluding SD card capacities

      ・Try using a different internet connection and download the app (e.g. turn of the router and leave it for a few minute, then turn it on; try using a different access point)

      ・Delete apps that you do not need

      ・Try clearing cache from your device completely by using a cache cleaner app

      ・Chek your device setting if any security software and/or firewall settings are preventing from downloading the app.

      ・Check if your device and the router is too far for playing the app 
      smoothly, if the router is connected to too many devices, if there are any form of electromagnetic interference (EMI), or if the router itself has any kind of issues

      ・Confirm if you can play the app smoothly with a different device

      Further, there are matters that may relate to the problem, such as installed apps, updated apps, or updated OS; thus we recommend players try the above procedure that might solve your experiencing issue.

      Thank you for your understanding.

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    • Function of Preventing accidental or unauthorized purchases (Recommended for parents)
      You can help prevent accidental or unauthorized purchases on your device from Google Play Store app by setting Authentication.
      Authentication means certain information, such as a password, must be entered on your device to make a purchase.
      Thus, it is highly recommended that parents set Authentication to block unauthorized in-pp purchases made by your child(ren) or third parties.
      Please refer to Google Play Help for the detail of the procudure of Authentication setting through the following URL:
      Thank you for your understanding.

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    • I have received "active_record/record_not_unique" error and can't play the app.
      After the players finished a quest, the player's device will send a request to our server. Then, the server will reply to the player's device.
      When the player's device failed to receive a reply from the server, "communication error" occurs on the 
      player's device.

      "communication error" occurs, we suggest players to press "Retry" so that the request can be sent from the device to the server again and
      the server will send back a reply to finish a "finished quest". 

      However, if 
      the player's device fails to receive the request for several times, "active_record/record_not_unique" pops up.

      If you experience the issue through wifi, please restart your device and turn off the router for a minute and turn on again.
      , please stay in places in which the good Internet connections available.

      Furthermore, If the error persists, we suggest the player try “Retry” for several times to improve the Internet connections.

      Thank you for your understanding.

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    • My account has being stolen/hacked.
      Please be informed that we don't provide any support for the case that your account has being stolen/hacked.
      Please be noted that you are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and you should not disclose your account information to any third party or permit any third party to access your account. And if your account has being stolen with such matter, we regret to inform you, but we will not be able to provide support. 

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    • I have received communication error and can't play the app.
      The communication error occurs when the wifi or internet is not stable or too slow.

      If you experience the issue through wifi, please restart your device. In addition, please turn off the router for a minute and turn on again.
      If the issue still persists, please try using LTE.

      Also, please be advised to ensure that your device has at least 1 GB capacity.
      Furthermore, please be informed that there is a possibility that communication error or "time out" cab occur frequently depending on your region/country.

      Thank you for your understanding.

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   Google Play Common questions

  • Fee/Point
    • I purchased an item but it was not added to my account, what can I do?
      In-app purchase may not function correctly under the following circumstances;

      [1] When your device is under high stress
      Please conduct the following operation and retry under good communication circumstances;
      -Restart your device
      -Close all running apps (Stop multi-task)
      -Restart the app
      [2] Reflection may be delayed with various kinds of issue, mainly with communication error
      After conducting the in-app purchase, sometimes the result may be delayed to come out with various kinds of issue such as Google Play side server communication delay.
      Please be informed that sometimes this may take 2-3 days, so please be patient until then.
      [3] If none of [1] and [2] did not help you with your situation
      We need the following information to properly assist you.
      (1) Transaction Number(ID) which is written on the receipt e-mail from Google or Google Wallet(+)
      (2) Order day and time
      (3) Price
      (4) Purchased item name
      (5) User ID
      (6) User Name
      *If you have been conducting several transactions, we need details of every one of them which may not functioning correctly

      (+) How to confirm the purchase information(Android)
      Please follow the steps below:

      1. Log-in to the Google payment center with the Google Account you use when making your purchasehttps://payments.google.com/payments/home
      2. Click [Transaction]
      3. Open the detail page by clicking the relevant transaction

       Also, please check Google Play Help where you can see further details about how to review your order history.

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    • Would I be charged again with dowloading the app with same Google account?
      You will not be charged again downloading app with same Google account.
      Please contact Google Inc. regarding the details of your questions about payments;

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  • How To Play
    • I can't install the app.
      it is possible that you are experiencing the issue because of the device cache, or it is caused by a different application. 
      If this is the case, please delete the data as instructed below, and confirm again.
      [1] Open the Browser > MENU > Others > Setting > Privacy > Cache Clear
      [2] Menu>Setting>Application>delete application and data(Choose “Apps that you want to uninstall”)
      (*CAUTION:  In some cases when you delete the data, it will be deleted in your application completely.)
      *The flow may vary depending on your device. For more details, please refer to your manual, or you can also contact your device manufacturer.

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    • I received the error message "Problem occur under analysis package"
      Please restart your device and re-install the app under the stable network connection.
      Also, please note that there is a possibility that your OS version is older than 2.1 if the above method don't help you with the issue.
      If this is the case, please update the Android version of your device, and then retry installing the game.
      **How confirm the OS version: 
      Setting >Device info >Firmware version
      Kindly refer to your device manual and contact your service provider regariding questions about updating the OS version. 
      *Before updating, please make a backup of your mobile data as it is possible that the data will be deleted after the update.

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