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  • What OS are supported?
    (1st Jun 2017)
    Recommended OS Version:
    Android 4.0 or later
  • I cannot find Mails and Friend Requests after I transferred my game data to a new device.
    Registration/Cancel Data Migration Others/Notes
    Please note that "Favorite" mark of your characters, Favorite Friends in "Friend List", and Mails and Friend Requests in "View Mail/Friend Apprv" will be deleted by data transferring.
    If you have not opened Mails in "View Mail/Friend Apprv" before data transfer, they will be deleted; therefore, you will not receive the items in deleted Mails. 

    Please be aware that we highly recommend users to open all Mails in "View Mail/Friend Apprv" and receive the items in Mails before data transferr.

    Thank you.
  • How can I change the language used in app?
    How To Play
    To change the display language, click the "LANGUAGE" button on the upper side of the display of the app.
     Please note that you can only choose English or French.
  • I want to restore my account
    Data Migration
  • On which country is the game available?
    The officially released countries are as below;
    Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Luxembourg, Greece, France, Poland
    Please note that official support is only provided in these countries, but if your country is not part of the countries wherein the app is distributed, we will still do our best to provide you support with your issue.
    However, kindly note that the application is not guaranteed to work properly in countries aside from the ones we have mentioned.
    Also, any special way of playing such as the use of emulators will also be unsupported.

  • I'm always getting the same character from Rare Recruit
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but characters are acquired based on probability from Rare Recruit and in the Adventures.
  • Is OnePlus One available with the game?
    Compatibility Others/Notes
    Currently, we don't support OnePlus One. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • I am not receiving a response from the Support Office.
    It may take us several days to reply to you after receiving your e-mail. If you have not received a reply from us after a few days, please check the following:
    Spam Filter Settings
    -It is possible that you cannot receive e-mails sent from PCs.
    -It is possible that you cannot receive e-mails that contain URLs.
    Please confirm your spam filter settings.
    *Be sure to add the following domain as an exception to your spam filter: [net.bandai.co.jp]
    Also, please note that as our application operates in PST, the date and time of our response will be in PST as well.
    If you encounter any problems changing these settings, please include your e-mail address when filling out the inquiry form.

  • There are users who are in violation of the Terms of Service
    If you witness any prohibited actions in-game, please use the inquiry form and provide us with details about the offending party, including the persons' User name.
    (Please understand that we cannot provide details regarding individual investigations.)
    In addition, we do not take any responsibility for any incidents that occur outside of the application (on Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

  • The application is unstable.
    If you feel the application is slow or unstable, please try the following:
    -Check device compatibility
    If your device does not match the recommended criteria, the game many not operate correctly. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that the application will work correctly on non-compatible devices.
    -Restart the application
    Try quitting the application and restarting it.
    -Check memory capacity
    Please check that your device has sufficient memory available for running the game. Try running the application again after freeing up space in your device's memory.

  • The application crashes.
    Try restarting your device and then restarting the application.

  • I consumed my crew for Power Up by mistake. Can you give it back to me?
    Data Migration
    We regret to inform you that we can't return the Characters consumed for Power Up by mistake. 
    Please take an advantage of Favorite function of [Character list] in order to avoid consumption for your favorite characters.

  • How can I delete messages altogether?
    How To Play
    You can delete all messages except for protected and unread messages by using [Delete All] function.

  • Can I protect messages?
    How To Play
    Open the message and push [Protect] for the protection.
    If you protect the message, [Delete] button will be locked, and the message won't be deleted even if you use [Delete All] function.
    Please use this function for important messages.

  • I can't be a [Friend] with somebody in spite of plenty [Friend] numbers available.
    How To Play
    There are possibilities that the your party has full of [Friends] right now.
    Also there is a case that you have exceeded the limitation of [Friends] with approval waiting numbers.
    With that case, you can't add new [Friends]

  • Can I change the time setting of my device?
    How To Play
    If you intentionally change the time setting of your device, it may lead an unconformity with the game data.
    If there is an unconformity game data, also it may lead unexpected failure or possibilities of game data crush.
    Please be sure not to change the time setting of your device intentionally, and set the device time to the accurate Pacific Standard Time.
    If you have lost the game data, we cannot restore any of your game data including your In-app purchase history. 
    *Issue may not occur with correcting the difference of device time

  • Can I back up the game data?
    Data Migration
    You cannot back up the game data using iCloud, SD card or such external storage to save your data.
    However, you can continue to play the game by creating data migration ID and password.

  • Reflection failure of Rainbow Gem
    Data Migration
    [Q. I definitely received Rainbow Gem, but it did not appear on the app] 
    There is a possibilies that there is delay on reflection of purchase information depending on your communication circumstances.
    Please try the following instruction;
    * [Other] Back to Title menu 
    * Restart your App
    If Rainbow Gem don't appear on the top-right of the screen in the app even you have conducted above procedure, please contact us with following information;
    (1)The [ID] on your profile page
    (2)Date and Time of the issue 

  • Use of Stamina recovery
    Data Migration
    [Q. I tried to recover my Stamina with using Rainbow Gem, but it didn't recover]
    Please try the following procedure;
    * [Other] Back to Title menu 
    * Restart your App
    If Stamina didn't recover correctly even you have conducted above procedure, please contact us with following information;
    (1)The [ID] on your profile page
    (2)Date and Time of the issue 

  • USE of [Expand Character Box]
    Data Migration
    [Q. I tried to expand Character Box with using Rainbow Gem, but it didn't expand]
    Please try the following procedure;
    * [Other] Back to Title menu 
    * Restart your App
    If Charater Box didn't expand even you have conducted above procedure, please contact us with following information;
    (1)The [ID] on your Friend Search Page
    (2)Date and Time of the issue 

  • Rainbow Gem purchase issue(Android)
    [Q. Rainbow Gem is not appeared in the app]
    There is a possibility that the app did not receive the information correcty depending on network circumstances.
    Please restart the app with following transition: [Other]>[Go back to Title]>[Restart app]
    (If above procedure did not improve the situation)
    *Please confirm whether your payment has completed or not in the Google wallet. 
    If your payment is completed, please contact us with order information below, and your player ID which is  written on Friend Search page.
    - Order number
    - Order day and time
    - Purchased item name 
    - Price
    + How to confirm the purchase information(Android)
    1. Log-in to the Google wallet from your PC: http://wallet.google.com/manage 
    2. Click [Transaction]
    3. Open the detail page by clicking the relevant transaction

  • About " Rainbow Gem"
    You can use your credit card and iTunes card for In-app purchase.
    If you have any concern regarding the In-app purchase, please inquire to the Apple Inc.
    Payment method of Google Play
    You can use your Credit Card/Google Play Gift card for the In-app purchase.
    If you have any concern regarding the In-app purchase, please inquire to the Google Inc.
  • [IMPORTANT]Will the game data be lost if I delete the app?
    Data Migration
    The Log-in Data will be deleted when you delete the app.
    (If you don't have the data migration information, you need to start the game from the beginning)
    Please issue your data migration PW and take note of it or back up your data with a social media account before you delete the app.
  • [Important] Notes regarding data migration
    Data Migration
    [1] DO NOT tell your password to the third party. We do not take any responsibity for the loss may occur by this case
    [2] Please take notes of your password and ID. *We will not correspond individually for the loss of your password 
    [3] We also do not issue your password individually, for the cases of your device trouble 
    *Conduct the procedure in advance, and make sure you keep your ID and password by yourself.
    [1] With data migration between one the different OS [iOS and android], you are not able to migrate the data of Rainbow Gem
    [2] Function data on the [Favorite Characters], [Favorite Friends] and [Approval on Friends and Mail] can't migrated
    [3] If you have conducted data migration in the middle of the Battle, that Battle data will be deleted.
    *These data can't be restored after the data migration

  • [Important] Data migration procedure
    Data Migration
     1. Please install the App into your new device
     2. After the tutorial, go to [other]>[Device Change]>Input your [ID] and [Password] on the [Data Migration Page] 
  • [IMPORTANT]Password setting
    Data Migration
    1. Go to the In-app page of [Issue password] through [Other] to [Device Change]
    2. Push [Yes] to issue your data migration password
    3. Your [User ID] and [Password] will be shown, so please take notes of them by one of the procedures below;
    - Take a screenshot
    - Push the button [Copy ID and Password] to copy your identifications, and paste & save them on the Note in the app
    - Push the button [Send mail] to send mail to yourself.
    * If you have forgotten to note your identifications, please follow the 2nd procedure to issue new password. (Expiration date for the password is for 90days, the date will be updated every time you issue a new password)
    * If you reissue your password, the new one will be valid and the old one will be invalid.
  • [Important] What is data migration
    Data Migration
    You can migrate your game data to another device with this function. Also, you can restore your data with accident such like initialized game data.
    ※You need a preparation in advance