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  • Notice2018/04/20 NEW!!

    Notice of leave period

    Google PlayCommon
    Notice2018/04/20 NEW!!

    Notice of leave period

    Google PlayCommon

    Notice of leave period

    ■Thank you for using our services.

    Due to the holiday period from May 3rd, 2018 to May 6th,2018 our office will be closing. Please refer to the following information for the furthur details;
    [Holiday Period]
    ●May 3rd, 2018(Thurs)--May 6th, 2018(Sun) JST
    ※As of the date above, inquiry is normally accepted.
    ■Nonetheless, in need of further investigation for our developer and collective, we would also take a while to reply from May 7th,2018 onward.
    ■Kindly please accept our apologies for taking a more time to reply by expected congestion between leave period. 
    ■We appreciate for your patience and patronage.
    ■We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Important2016/08/19

    The game data will be lost if you delete the app.

    Google Play

    The game data will be lost if you delete the app.

    Google Play
    The Log-in Data will be deleted when you delete the app.
    (If you don't have the data migration information, you need to start the game from the beginning)
    Please issue your data migration ID/PW and take note of it or back up your data with a social media account before you delete the app.
  • Notice2017/07/01

    Regarding the delay with the purchase reflection

    Google PlayCommon

    Regarding the delay with the purchase reflection

    Google PlayCommon
    Thank you for using BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment services.

    Currently, we are confirming that unspecified large number of people are experiencing unreflection of their in-app purchase due to the usage of your network.
    Please be noted that this issue may be solved when a certain time pasts, therefore we would like you to confirm it again later.
    However, if your purchase does not come through even after 2-3days, then we would like you to contact us with following information;

    [1] Date and Time of your purchase
    [2] Transaction ID number
    [3] The content of your purchase

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • For Players who have troubles of updating the app
    The issue may be fixed with the following procedures;
    - Reboot your device
    Please confirm that whether rebooting your device fix the issue.
    - Stop multi-tasking
    Please close all running apps before you update the app.
    - Free up your memory
    The update may not be correctly conducted if you don't have enough memory in your device. In that case, please free up the memory by deleting unnecessary app or data files.
    - Download with Wi-Fi
    Please use Wi-Fi connection when you update the app 
    - Reinstall
    If none of these procedure described above help you with the issue, re-installing the app may fix it.
    However, please be informed that once you uninstall the app, the data will be lost.
    You can restore your data by using "Transfer Code". Please note that you need "User ID" and "Transfer Code" to conduct a data transfer.
    ※We don't take any responsibilities of loss caused by procedures described in this note.

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  • I purchased an item but it was not added to my account, what can I do?
    In-app purchase may not function correctly under the following circumstances;

    [1] When your device is under high stress
    Please conduct the following operation and retry under good communication circumstances;
    -Restart your device
    -Close all running apps (Stop multi-task)
    -Restart the app
    [2] Reflection may be delayed with various kinds of issue, mainly with communication error
    After conducting the in-app purchase, sometimes the result may be delayed to come out with various kinds of issue such as Google Play side server communication delay.
    Please be informed that sometimes this may take 2-3 days, so please be patient until then.
    [3] If none of [1] and [2] did not help you with your situation
    We need the following information to properly assist you.
    (1) Transaction Number(ID) which is written on the receipt e-mail from Google or Google Wallet(+)
    (2) Order day and time
    (3) Price
    (4) Purchased item name
    (5) User ID
    (6) User Name
    *If you have been conducting several transactions, we need details of every one of them which may not functioning correctly

    (+) How to confirm the purchase information(Android)
    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Log-in to the Google payment center with the Google Account you use when making your purchasehttps://payments.google.com/payments/home
    2. Click [Transaction]
    3. Open the detail page by clicking the relevant transaction

     Also, please check Google Play Help where you can see further details about how to review your order history.

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  • My in-app purchase is failed. Please help me.
    Please confirm your payment with the following procedure when your in-app purchase didn't go through correctly;
    [1] Log-in to Google Wallet(https://wallet.google.com/) with your Google account which is connected to the app
    [2] Display the purchase history
    [3] Check the purchase information on the list
    If you were able to confirm your purchase, please turn OFF the power of your device once and turn it ON, then check the Multitasking before you restart the app.
    The in-app purchase may take few 

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  • Please cancel the order.
    If the app has been purchased from Google Play, you are entitled for a refund if you cancel it within 2hours from purchase on Google Play.
    However, if there are no errors or malfunctions in the app, we don't accept refund under any circumstances. With this case, we are unable to refund your purchase. 

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  • Please help me with my purchase.